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Your opportunity to outsource the following:

✓ We carry out sales

✓ Subscription

✓ Customer Service

✓ Appointment Booking

✓ Administration

– With quality in focus.

Appointment Booking

ENCG book meetings! Whether the call goes in or out, whether the dialog has started online or it’s cold calling:

  • We confirm digitally.
  • We book directly in relevant calendars.
  • We make any rebookings if needed.
  • We handle all subject types.
  • We provide advice regarding segmentation of data B2C, B2B

With accurate and strategic cooperation we can lead our customers to the best results and solutions. Often we create the greatest success by challenging stereotypical thinking and using data in new ways or integrating our human communication with social media or other channels.

Marketing, idear, pris, business


We contact and serve modern people who are on the same level and expect to communicate anywhere and anytime. We do it safely and accurately so that data is protected. We are efficient and work with large segments.


We communicate and serve at the same level as the organization. Through segmentation and profile analysis we determine the person in the organization that can make decisions.

Cold canvas – New sales – Presales – Aftersales – Sales to existing customers – B2B – B2C

A flexible resource

Using an external partner like ENCG ensures that your company has a flexible resource, which makes it much easier to increase and decrease operating leverage as needed.
At the same time you will be able to change the fixed variable cost.

We leave a positive impression in a hosting dialogue.

At ENCG we work with ethical rules where our employees ensure that all sales comply with both the legislation and the customer’s guidelines. In addition, we make sure that those who are contacted and are not interested in our offer are always left with a positive impression. All sales are based on a value added dialogue.

Focus on costs

Telephone sales have for many years been an important part of sales for many companies and organizations. We still see that many companies choose to change their sales technique from “ongoing” sales to telephone sales.

This is because companies focus on minimizing their costs, and can then use their time and resources in the best possible way.

Many companies believe that sales through the network reduces sales costs – our experience is that you simply move the cost of marketing without guaranteeing results. However, ENCG’s specific saleswork always give results – we are your security for ROI.

Our employees are ambitious and create results.

We create success and quality for our customers.

We always use the latest technology that enables optimal efficiency and campaign execution.

We ensure our employees’ skills and performance with structured follow-ups and controls.

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